Your Child’s First Trip To The Dentist

If you have a small child, you will need to think about making an appointment for their first teeth cleaning. Going to the dentist can be a bit scary for a child the first time. If you prepare your child in advance for what is to come, your child will have a smoother transaction when they get into the dentist's chair. Here are some guidelines that you can use to help your child have a successful first cleaning.

Ask For A Tour

Call a dentist (such as one from Fairfield Family Dentistry) to see if it would be possible to bring your child in for a mini-tour before they go for their first appointment. This will allow your child to see what the office looks like ahead of time so that they will feel familiar with the area when they come back for their appointment.

Meet The Dentist

When you are touring, see if the dentist will be available to give a quick hello to your child. Strangers can be frightening for young children. If you allow your child to see you interact with the dentist, they will feel more at ease knowing that it is someone who their parent is at ease with. This will make things easier when your child gets their teeth cleaned. They will feel more comfortable with the dentist than if they did not meet them in advance.

Check Out The Equipment

Allow your child to peek into room where teeth cleanings are performed. If the office doesn't mind, ask if your could show your child how the sink and chair operate so that they familiarize themselves with the equipment that will be used. Give your child a quick lesson on how these things should be used, so that they will not abuse the controls on these devices when they come back for the cleaning.

Building Up For The Event

Mention the upcoming teeth cleaning appointment several times so that your child is aware it will be happening soon. Tell extended family members and friends so that they can tell your child they are excited to hear how the appointment goes. If your child knows that it is a big event that you are looking forward to, they may jump in on the excitement.

After The Appointment

When the appointment is over, make sure to praise your child for a job well done. Positive reinforcement will help your child realize that the trip to the dentist was needed and that they got through the appointment without incident. They should be very proud. You can celebrate by taking your child to a movie or for ice cream.