Keep Your Teeth Looking Brighter Between Laser Whitening Treatments

Few other things signal a healthy and beautiful smile more than bright, white teeth. As one of the first things that other people recognize about you, when your smile is bright you feel more confident. Consequently, a number of people choose to undergo laser teeth whitening treatments. While an effective tool, these treatments don't last forever and due to oral health concerns, shouldn't be repeated too frequently.

Knowing how to make your teeth appear whiter between treatments can keep your smile bright and you more confident:

Lather on the Lip Color

Whether it's lip stain, tinted lip gloss or lipstick, lather it on your lips to make your teeth appear whiter. For example, when you hold a piece of white paper over a black background it will appear brighter than when you hold it over a yellow background. Lip color adds a deep contrast between the color of your teeth and the color of your lips.

Even if your teeth aren't bright white, the lip color will make them appear whiter. For the best results, choose a darker color. The darker the lip color, the deeper the contrast. If you're not into lipstick, while a little more time-consuming, you can also consider tanning.

Tanning your skin will offer the same type of contrast and make your teeth appear brighter. Even a subtle tan can offer the same effect.

Increase your Water Intake

Dark colored sodas, tea and coffee might taste good, but they don't have as an appealing effect on your teeth. Each time you consume these beverages, small particles stay in your mouth and embed themselves deep within the bio-film of your teeth.

While all this is taking place at the microscopic level, overtime, the stains become deeper, making them more visible. If you're like most people, kicking your coffee or soda habit might be difficult to do.

Consider increasing your water intake. Each time you go to grab a drink, get a glass of water first. Only after drinking the water can you have one of these other beverages. The idea is that by the time you actually finish the water, you won't want anything else to drink. The more water you drink, the less stains you cause on your teeth, allowing your whitening treatment to last longer.

It's best to speak with your dental provider to determine just how frequently you need to have whitening treatments performed. However, no matter the frequency, with a little effort on your part, you can keep your teeth brighter and whiter between treatments. To learn more, contact a company like Fresh Wave Dental Care PC with any questions you have.