Tips For Making Your Children’s Braces More Affordable

As a parent you are sure to want to give your child every advantage you can provide; a straight smile is highly desirable, but many people are not born with one. A lot of children are referred to orthodontists during early adolescence for corrective treatment, but many parents are surprised by the high cost associated with a child getting braces. The financial stress can be even greater when more than one of your children needs braces. Use the following tips to help make orthodontic care fit within your family's budget when you'll be paying for more than one set of braces:

Look for an Orthodontist that Offers a Payment Plan

The average cost of a traditional set of braces is between $5,000 and $6,000, and it is not uncommon for families to not have the funds available to pay for braces in one upfront lump sum. Many orthodontists understand that braces for a child (or multiple children) is a large financial investment, so a lot of offices offer payment plans so you can pay off the cost of the braces over time. On average, most kids/teens wear braces for 2 years, so you will be able to make numerous monthly payments which is much more affordable than trying to pay for braces all at once. For the greatest savings, look for an orthodontist who offers payment plans without any added interest.

Ask About Sibling Discounts

Orthodontists appreciate their patients and are always looking forward to treating new patients. Many orthodontists offer sibling discounts to parents whose child is currently a patient or has been a patient in the past. Any type of discount on braces could potentially save you a substantial amount of money, so if you know that more than one of your children will need braces, make sure you choose an orthodontist with the best sibling discount.

Consider Getting Your Child's Orthodontic Care Through a Dental School

Dental schools offer a variety of dental services to the public, and some dental schools offer orthodontic treatment at a greatly reduced cost. When your child gets braces through a dental school, he or she will receive care from a student specializing in orthodontics who is about to graduate; all treatment is overseen by an experienced and licensed orthodontist. You may spend more time on appointments at a dental school, as all treatment must be checked by the licensed orthodontist, but you can save a lot of money.