4 Ways to Prevent Cavities in Your Child’s Teeth

As a parent, you likely realize how important it is for your child to maintain their dental health and avoid cavities. However, other than having your child brush their teeth, you may not know what you can do to help them avoid cavities. Here are some ways to help your child's teeth stay cavity free.

Offer a Lot of Water

It's important to encourage your child to drink water throughout the day. For one thing, water doesn't contain any sugar. Sugar is broken down by bacteria in the mouth into acids that can damage teeth, and while you may restrict the amount of candy your child eats, you might allow them to drink lots of sports drinks and fruit juice, the latter of which can contain as much sugar as sodas do.

Not only is water free from sugar, but it can also help wash away bacteria on the teeth that can lead to cavities. It can also prevent the buildup of acids that can hurt your child's teeth.

Add Nuts to Your Child's Diet

Nuts can be very good for your child's teeth. Brazil nuts and almonds contain high levels of calcium, which can strengthen your child's teeth. As a matter of fact, one cup of almonds has more calcium than a cup of milk. In addition to making your child's teeth strong, the calcium that nuts contain may also prevent cavities by aiding in remineralization of teeth. 

Give Your Child Cheese 

Cheese and other dairy products offer your child a lot of calcium, but that is not the only way that cheese can help your child avoid cavities. Eating cheese has been shown to raise the pH of saliva, making it more alkaline. This is helpful because low pH causes an acidic environment in the mouth, which can cause erosion of the teeth's enamel over time. 

Be a Good Role Model

One of the best ways to prevent cavities in your child's teeth is to encourage good dental habits. To do that, you have to show your child what good dental habits are. Make sure that you aren't constantly eating sugary treats, and let your child see you brush and floss your teeth. They will try to emulate your behavior, and that may help them avoid cavities throughout their life.

Now that you're aware of some of the things you can do to help your child prevent cavities, use the tips in this article to keep their teeth clean. Talk to a pediatric dentist, such as Mark Stapleton DMD MSD PC, for more ways to ensure your child's teeth stay healthy.