Answers To 4 Important Questions About Teenagers And Dental Veneers

When your teenager wants the perfect teeth they see on television and in movies, it is tempting to immediately provide them with the veneers that give a white, bright smile.  However, unless you want to provide them with the veneers several times between now and when they finish college, it is a good idea to know when your son or daughter is actually ready for them.

If veneers are provided before a teenager has stopped growing, you will not just be buying them shoes and jeans on a regular basis, you will also be buying new veneers. He or she also needs to be mature enough to care for their veneers. In addition, it should also be clear that because veneers can only be applied to teeth after some enamel has been removed, they will need to wear and replace them for the rest of their lives.

When Can Your Teenager Benefit From Dental Veneers?

Since everyone is different, there is not any one age where everyone will automatically be able to wear veneers permanently. There are certain markers to look for, and it is important to note that puberty is not necessarily the only factor to consider.

A few characteristics of the young patient who will benefit from dental veneers include:

  • He or she has stopped growing, so they do not outgrow the veneers
  • He or she is willing and patient enough to attend multiple appointments to get the veneers
  • The patient is responsible enough to provide excellent oral hygiene, while avoiding staining foods
  • Understand that veneers are a long-term commitment (see below)

What Should Your Child Be Aware Of Before Committing To Veneers?

Although veneers do not require any extra care, if they are not brushed and flossed regularly, the dental veneers can stain or become discolored. In addition, since veneers are permanent and they will eventually need to be replaced, your teenager should be aware that by getting them now, they are also committing to getting them repeatedly in the future. Young teenagers may not be able to make that type of long-term commitment, so be sure to discuss it with them.

How Long Will Veneers Last?

With appropriate cleaning and use, veneers can last for several years. For example, one study evaluated more than 1,100 adults who were given veneers and at the ten year mark, 53% of the veneers were intact and the patients required no intervention. 

What If The Dentist Finds Cavities While Preparing For The Procedure?

It will be useful to remember that if your teenager has any dental issues like cavities, decay or even early gingivitis, you should expect to treat those problems before they get veneers. Veneers do not protect against tooth decay, but it is common to use veneers over teeth that have fillings, even large fillings.

Dental veneers can give your teenager a beautiful smile; it is crucial, however, to be sure that he or she has completed their last growth spurt, so that they only need to get one set of veneers for the foreseeable future. For more information, visit a dentist like Advanced Family Dental Care LLC.