Three Little Known Dental Facts Every Parent Should Know

When it comes to taking care of your teeth, there are plenty of dental facts that you should know that will ensure that you are on top of taking care of your smile in the best way possible. However, there's even more to know when you are a parent. This is because now you have the responsibility of ensuring that you instill good oral hygiene habits for both yourself and your children. Here are three little known dental facts that every parent should know:

Sweets Aren't the Only Problem:

When it comes to ensuring that your kids stay away from the sweets because you are concerned about the health of their gums and teeth, you should also consider some other foods to be wary of, as well. This is because sweets aren't the only reason problems arise for your child's oral health. Drinking juice and eating acidic foods are also a major reason kids suffer from tooth decay. Fruit juices are high in sugar that can eat away at the gums, so you should limit the amount of juice that your child is drinking everyday. You should also have your children avoid eating sour candies, which are highly acidic and begin to eat away at the teeth causing them to become brittle. 

Children are Prone to Decay:

Many people think that only older people are prone to tooth decay because the teeth are no longer strong enough to avoid this issue. However, children are just as prone to decay as the elderly. Children who are not regularly brushing and flossing can suffer from tooth decay, which can lead to teeth having to be pulled and fake teeth, such as bridges or crowns being put in. This is why it's extra important to ensure that your child is correctly flossing and brushing at least twice a day. 

Bleeding During Flossing Doesn't Mean You Should Stop:

If your child is bleeding when they floss, you shouldn't be too highly concerned. This could just mean that there is a problem that flossing regularly will eventually help to correct. Just be sure that your child isn't flossing too hard, which can cut the gums and cause the bleeding. 

When you know these little known dental facts as a parent, you can be sure that you know how to correctly resolve potential oral health problems in your kids that will ensure that their smiles stay healthy up until adulthood. Contact a family dental clinic for information on dental care for your whole family.