How Do You Keep Teeth Clean When You’ve Got Braces?

If you are someone who has just started wearing braces, you might wonder how you'll be able to keep your teeth as clean as they have been in the past. Wires and brackets create a number of hard to reach places in your mouth, but with the following tips you'll still be able to keep your teeth fresh and bright.

Use an Interproximal Toothbrush

The first thing you might be doing when you wake up in the morning is brushing your teeth with a regular toothbrush. While this worked well before you had your braces put in, it might not be as effective now. The brush might not reach every part of your teeth as it used to.

There is no need to despair; there are toothbrushes made especially for those who have braces. Proxabrushes, also referred to interproximal brushes, are just perfect when you have to reach into crevices and work around the metal inside your mouth. The brushes are typically shaped like a cone, with an end that seems pointy; the end is effective at reaching places a regular toothbrush cannot.

Use Orthodontic Attachments with Water Flossers

If your family is already using some kind of water flosser to clean their teeth, you can keep using the machine. Streams of water can sometimes help get food out of your teeth and braces more effectively than string floss, as you don't have to worry that water will get tangled or stuck. To really get a good rinse, you might want to seek out orthodontic attachments for the water flosser you already have. These attachments are shaped in a way that makes using the flosser even easier.

Get a Good Oral Rinse

Oral rinses and mouthwashes can freshen your breath and help you work to address bacterial issues that might result in cavities. Liquids can glide over each tooth and you can swish for a few minutes to dislodge any bits of food.

It's important to be aware that some chemicals in oral rinses and mouthwashes can affect the metal in your braces and cause them to look unsightly over time. Make sure you check with your orthodontist for a list of mouthwashes you should stay away from.

With the ideas in this article, you will discover that your teeth can be clean in spite of your braces. Ask your family orthodontist for more tips about how you might be able to use to make teeth-cleaning easier.