Lost Molars: Should They Be Replaced?

When you lose a tooth in the back of your mouth, you are not happy about it, but since no one can see the opening, you may feel no further action is necessary. In fact, there are a number of reasons to replace your missing molars. A full set of teeth is almost always preferable to the alternative.


If you have experienced problems with your molars, you may already have a crown or large filling in some or all of them. When further issues develop, such as infection or more decay, you may choose to have them pulled rather than invest more money in keeping them. After all, the price for having a tooth pulled without surgical intervention usually costs between $75 - $300. Implants or dental bridges cost significantly more money. 


Once your problem tooth is gone, you may think your problems are over. However, you really do need your molars in order to chew properly. If you love a good piece of steak or other chewy foods, not having your molars can cause a real problem for you. Also, missing molars may allow the rest of your teeth to shift, causing gaps in your smile as well as a misaligned bite. Finally, when you do not replace missing teeth, the bone in that spot "erodes," making future repairs more difficult. In short, losing a molar is a big deal. 


If you are just missing a single tooth, a permanent implant may be the best solution for you. A post is inserted into your gum, and when it has settled into the bone, a crown or cap is added. If the tooth has been missing for a while, you may need a bone graft first. If you have more than one missing back tooth, you may choose a dental bridge, an appliance that is bonded to your remaining teeth and fills in the gaps. Of course, if you have multiple missing teeth, a partial set of dentures may be recommended. You will need to consult with your dentist to find out which option works best for your dental health and your budget. 

Missing molars are a big deal, so do not assume that having them pulled will not cause you problems down the line. Before you have a tooth pulled, consider all your options carefully. If you've had a tooth missing for some time, the process of replacement may be more complicated, but it can still be done. Contact a clinic like Oral Surgery Associates Inc for more info.