2 Tips To Help Your Teen Keep Their Plastic Splint Clean Following Orthognathic Surgery

Orthognathic surgery usually takes a few hours to complete. Once it is complete, your teen's doctor will install a plastic splint in their mouth. This splint is designed to guide their bite and keep their jaw from falling in and out of alignment. In order for this splint to work it needs to remain clean at all times. Bacteria and other contaminants can be trapped underneath the splint and this can lead to bacteria buildup. This can be difficult for your teen to do on their own. Fortunately, there are a few tips that you can use in order to help teen keep their splint clean following their orthognathic procedure.

Help Them Rinse Their Mouth with an Oral Rinse After Meals

Immediately after surgery, your teen will be cautioned against removing the splint. Once the area begins to heal, you may be able to remove it in order to clean it. Before this happens, you need to keep it clean using an oral rinse. Using a toothbrush may end up doing more damage than good. Your teen should use an oral rinse to clean the splint by working it around their mouth after all meals. Instruct them to avoid moving their cheeks vigorously as this can disrupt the surgical site. Instead, they should attempt to move the rinse around their mouth by tilting their head slightly. Give them warm water to remove the rinse once they are done.

Use a Salt Water Rinse Daily

In addition to using a normal rinse after meals, your teen should be using a salt water rinse in their oral routine at least once a day. A salt water rinse is extremely effective for keeping any potential bacteria at bay. You can make a salt water rinse for your teen using table salt and hot water. Make sure that the water boils before dissolving the salt in the water. If the water is not warm enough, then the salt will take a long time to dissolve. Use a spoon to mix around the contents until the salt is no longer visible. The salt water rinses should be started immediately after leaving the hospital. Instruct your teen to keep the rinse in their mouth for at least a minute before they decide to rinse it out with warm water.

Some companies, like The Family Dentist, know that a healthy splint is the key to making sure your teen recovers as quickly as possible after their orthognathic procedure. Therefore, use these tips to ensure that this happens.