Dental Implants: Important Things To Know Before Getting One

A dental implant is one of the most popular dental options available today for replacing a missing tooth, and there are several good reasons for this. If you decide you are tired of living with a tooth missing in your mouth, you can visit a dentist to learn more about the dental implant procedure. While you are there, you will learn about the prep work needed to complete the process, as well as the benefits dental implants offer and the length of time it takes to get one.

Prep Work Needed for a Dental Implant

You cannot get a dental implant by visiting a dentist just one time. Dental implants require several steps, and they are a process. In fact, it may take several visits to a dentist before you will get your implant.

Your first dental visit involves the dentist examining your mouth to determine if you are a good candidate for an implant. During this visit, the dentist will visually examine your mouth and will take X-rays. The dentist may also take molds and impressions too. The point of this is to determine if you have enough jawbone to hold the implant.

If the dentist finds that your bone is not sufficient, he or she will suggest getting a bone graft. If this is necessary, the process of getting a dental implant will take even longer. A bone graft involves adding extra bone to your jawbone. Before the dentist can install the implant, the new bone must fuse with the old bone, and this takes time.

Once the bone is ready, your dentist will put a small dental graft in the bone. Next, you will have to wait for these two things to fuse together. This too takes time, and it can take six or nine months in some cases. People who are very healthy typically heal faster, which means the process may only take a few months.

The final step in the process is when the dentist inserts the last two components of the implant in the tooth. One of these is called a titanium post, which is placed in the implant. On top of that, the dentist places the crown, which is the artificial tooth the dentist created uniquely for your mouth.

From start to finish, you might be able to get a dental implant in around three months; however, there are times when the entire process might take one year or longer. Your dentist will give you an approximate time frame when you initially visit him or her.

The Benefits Offered by Dental Implants

It can be very hard to list all the benefits of dental implants, simply because they are such great options. The main benefit is the stability and sturdiness offered through a dental implant. The implant placed in your bone acts in a very similar way to the roots natural teeth have. Roots of natural teeth hold teeth in place, just like the implant in the bone holds the implant in place. With an implant, there is a very small chance of the device ever moving, getting loose, or falling out.

Secondly, the implant will look real. If you look closely at alternative options for artificial teeth, you can tell they are not real. Dental implants look completely real and natural. They also work like normal, natural teeth, which means you can eat almost anything you want without having to worry about the integrity of the prosthetic.

If your missing tooth embarrasses you or is stopping you from eating things you like, visit a site like and contact a dentist to find out more about dental implants.