Three Things to Know About Your New Temporary Crown

Getting a dental crown is a common procedure that many patients require for various reasons. For example, if one of your teeth has suffered severe damage, either because of decay or perhaps because of a trauma to it, a crown may be the best way to fix the tooth. Getting a crown isn't a procedure that happens in a single visit to your family dentist's office; the dentist will need to assess the area so that a dental laboratory can make a crown that fits and has the right look. In many cases, you'll receive a temporary crown in the interim. If you're due to receive a temporary crown, here are three things to know about it.

It May Not Be an Exact Match

Don't worry if your temporary crown doesn't look perfect in your mouth. This dental device serves as a placeholder until your permanent crown is ready, so it's impossible that it won't be an exact match with your surrounding teeth. For example, the temporary crown may be whiter or more yellow than the teeth to its immediate left and right. While you might not be in favor of this discrepancy, it's important to remember that your permanent crown is being made to precisely fit the spot, and you'll be pleased with how it appears.

You Need to Care for It

There might be a part of you that wants to skip brushing the temporary crown and flossing on each side of it, but it's important to treat the tooth as though it's one of your natural teeth. This isn't so much to clean the crown as it is to remove bacteria that may sit at the base of the crown against your gum. If too much bacteria is present around your gums, it can lead to the deterioration of your gums and eventual bone loss, both of which can put your ability to have future crowns at risk. Your dentist will encourage you to care for your permanent crown by brushing and flossing regularly, so it's a good idea to practice on your temporary one.

It Will Help You to Get Used to the Feel

When you get a permanent dental crown, you'll be aware of how it feels in your mouth for a while. Although you'll quickly get used to this feeling, there's no disputing that there can be a bit of an adjustment period for some dental patients. One of the things to know about a temporary crown is that it will help you to get used to the feel of a crown in your mouth.