About Chipped Teeth

You want to know all about chipped teeth so you will have a better chance of not only avoiding them, but also know what to do if you should happen to chip your teeth. This article will offer you a lot of information on the topic of chipped teeth.

How can teeth get chipped?

There are a lot of different ways that teeth get chipped. You obviously know that getting hit hard in the mouth or having an accident that slams your mouth into something can chip your teeth or do even worse damage to them, even to the point of knocking them out. However, something you might not realize is just how easy it can be for teeth to chip. Sometimes, a tooth will chip just by chewing something — even biting something soft can be all it takes if your teeth come together the right way. Teeth can chip with very little pressure if stress is put on a weak part of the tooth in just the right way.

What do you do with a chipped tooth?

If you chip a tooth and it is a very small chip, then you want to set up an appointment with your dentist. The dentist will want to repair the tooth for a number of reasons. One reason for repairing the tooth will be to help you maintain your nice smile. This can be a very big concern, especially if the tooth that you have chipped happens to be one of the teeth that are near the front of your mouth, where the tooth can be seen easily when you talk or smile.

Another reason for repairing the tooth will be to prevent it from cutting the inside of your mouth with its sharp edges. Another reason for repairing the chip will be to prevent a cavity from developing. When a tooth is chipped, the dentin will be exposed to plaque and other bacteria. This can very quickly lead to cavities that can set in and destroy your chipped tooth.


No matter how careful you are, there may be nothing you can do to completely avoid chipping your teeth. This is why you want to be sure you always have the name of an emergency dentist in your phone or on your person. This way, should you get a bad chip in your tooth, you can get in right away to see the dentist and have the tooth repaired.