What You Need To Know About Adult Orthodontic Treatment

While you may think orthodontic treatment is only for teens, you can get a more aligned smile at almost any age as long as you have healthy teeth and gums. Adult orthodontic treatment has been growing in popularity as many adults are looking to improve their smiles. While orthodontic treatment for adults is not all that different than treatment for younger patients, there are a few things to know. 

Treatment Prevents Future Problems

Your commitment to healthy teeth and gums should be a lifelong endeavor. If you have misaligned teeth, your chances of dental decay, gum disease, and other issues may increase with age. Improper alignment of your teeth and bite problems can lead to conditions like TMJ disorders. Going through orthodontic treatment as an adult can stop many of these issues in their tracks. There's more to braces and other treatments than improving your appearance. Your orthodontist will discuss the potential oral health benefits that come from orthodontic treatment. 

There Are Different Types Of Braces

While traditional metal braces are a viable option for most adults, that's not all you are limited to. Familiarizing yourself with the different kinds of braces can help you find the right fit for your orthodontic needs and lifestyle. If you do not want limits on what you can eat or drink and want braces that are not obvious, clear aligners can be a fantastic option. Lingual braces fit the back of your teeth and are virtually undetectable. There is a wide array of options for orthodontic treatment for adults, and discussing these options with your orthodontist is crucial. 

Treatment Can Take Longer

While the process of moving the teeth into better alignment is virtually the same for children and adults, the timeline is different. Orthodontic treatment for adults tends to take longer. Adults have stopped growing, and the density of teeth and bones can make the treatment time slightly longer. However, in most cases, adult braces are successful at producing the desired results. Your orthodontist will provide an estimated timeline when you start your orthodontic treatment.

While adult orthodontic treatment is very similar to orthodontic treatment for adolescents, there are a few things that you should know. First, aligning the teeth as an adult can positively impact your overall oral health and may prevent future dental problems. Second, there are different types of braces and treatments to choose from, and familiarizing yourself with these options will help you find the proper treatment. Finally, patience is vital when it comes to adult orthodontic treatment since it can take longer.