Preparing Yourself For A Dental Bridge — What You Need To Know

Do you have an upcoming appointment with a dentist for a dental bridge? If so, you are likely feeling nervous. Many people feel anxious about dental work. Experts estimate that roughly 60% of individuals experience anxiety when it comes to dental visits. An additional 5-10% of people suffer from dental phobia. Preparing yourself for your upcoming dental appointment can help put your mind at ease. What Is a Bridge? A dental bridge is a restorative approach that aims to replace missing teeth. Read More 

Meeting Your Family’s Dental Care Needs

Meeting the basic dental needs of all of the members of your family can be a surprisingly difficult task. While meeting pediatric dental needs can be an involved process, it is possible for parents to make it easier to meet their family's basic dental needs. Take The Time To Teach Your Child To Properly Brush Avoiding serious dental problems will always be better than attempting to repair these damages later. One of the best options for helping your child to avoid serious dental issues will be to ensure that they develop proper brushing habits. Read More 

Questions People Often Have About Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are an ideal way in many cases to help people deal with cosmetic concerns about their teeth. Before you go to a dental veneer services provider, though, you'll probably want to learn a bit about the materials, the process, and how long they can be expected to last. What Are Veneers Made From? There are two common materials in the products utilized by most cosmetic dental veneers services. Porcelain is a popular choice because it provides a natural white color and holds up very well to staining over many years. Read More 

Why Do Meth Users Have Such Bad Teeth?

You've probably heard the term "meth mouth." You've probably also seen depictions of the teeth of meth users on shows like Breaking Bad. If someone in your life is a meth user, you may even have had the misfortune of observing this drug's dental destruction in real life. It's no secret that meth use leads to deteriorated, blackened teeth — but do you know why? Here's a closer look at the mechanisms behind meth mouth and the solutions a dentist may recommend. Read More 

Don’T Hesitate To See Your Dentist If You Believe That You Have A Sinus Infection

When you're noticing symptoms that are consistent with a sinus infection, such as blockages in your sinuses and an achy feeling in this part of your face, you might either see your family doctor or attempt some home remedies. These ideas are worthwhile, but there's one thing that you might be overlooking — the chance that you're not actually dealing with a sinus infection, but that you have a tooth-related issue instead. Read More