Just Got Dentures? 4 Ways To Feel Confident With Your New Smile

Getting dentures doesn't mean that you need to stop smiling. Denture are yet another way to protect your mouth. If you have dentures, you can learn to wear your dentures with confidence. #1 Clean Your Dentures The first step towards confidence is to have a clean mouth. Just like with your natural teeth, you need to make sure that you take the time to clean your denture on a daily basis. Read More 

Down’s Syndrome And Dental Issues

When a child is born with Down's syndrome, they will have a diverse range of physical disabilities, cognitive impairments, developmental delays, and physiological differences. The presence of an extra chromosome, Chromosome 21, is responsible for these congenital malformations and intellectual disabilities. Soft tissue and dental anomalies are just one of many areas that may be malformed in a Down's syndrome child. These issues will require special attention as the child grows. Read More 

Educate Yourself On The Importance Of Dental Care For The Elderly

Many people find themselves caring for an aging parent. Seeing to a parent's medical needs should include regular visits with a qualified dentist. The elderly are susceptible to a wide range of oral health problems that could have a negative effect on comfort and quality of life. Be mindful of these important reasons why dental care for the elderly is essential. 1. Elderly patients are often on prescription medications. Many elderly individuals have chronic health problems that are treated with prescription medications. Read More 

3 Comfort Tips For After Your Root Canal

No one looks forward to getting a root canal, but it can be a relief to finally have the necessary treatment after days or weeks of tooth pain. Most root canals are quick to heal from, and there is little to no pain once the procedure is complete -- as long as you care for the site properly and avoid infection. The following tips can help you do just that so you can be as comfortable as possible following your root canal. Read More 

Why Those Stubborn Coffee Stains Won’t Leave Your Teeth

Coffee is a favorite drink for its ability to provide a boost of energy at the start of your day or anytime you need it. Unfortunately, most coffee lovers don't feel the same fondness for the awful stains it can leave on your teeth. If you're tired of your coffee-stained teeth and can't seem to get the discoloration to go away, read this guide to find out what's going on. Read More