How Same Day Crowns Are Made

Do you need to get a dental crown to restore one of your teeth? If so, know that the technology for making a crown has come a long way. You no longer need to make an impression of your mouth, send it to a lab, and then receive a temporary crown while you wait weeks for the final crown to be made. Now it is possible to make a crown on the very same day. Read More 

What Happens When You Get A Dental Crown?

Do you have a tooth that needs a dental crown? This could be because the tooth is decaying in a way that will not support a filling, or because there is a lot of decay and a crown is necessary to save the tooth and prevent it from breaking further. Here is what will happen in this general dentistry procedure. Decay Removal  The first step is to get rid of all of the decay that is in the tooth. Read More 

How Regular Visits To The Dentist Can Help Prevent The Most Common Dental Health Issues

Having a great smile is important because it is a source of livelihood for some people like models and beauty queens. For everyone else, having a good smile helps boost your confidence when talking and interacting with people. A great smile also means your teeth are healthy enough to serve you for many years. The only way to get a perfect smile is by taking your oral health seriously. Here are some ways that regular visits to the dentist can help you stay away from the most common dental health complications. Read More 

Why It’s Important To Clean Your Tongue

When thinking of your mouth, your tongue may not immediately come to mind. Nevertheless, it plays a crucial role. If you had no tongue, you would not be able to communicate verbally, taste or masticate food, or even swallow properly. The tongue is comprised of several muscles that work in concert. Each muscular component has a specific function. The muscle located at the end of the tongue is used to make specific consonant sounds as it moves against the border of the front teeth. Read More 

Nerve Damage After Wisdom Teeth Extraction: Be Alert, But Not Alarmed

Some people are quite fortunate with their wisdom teeth. They might have adequate space in their dental arch for a third molar, without overcrowding the rest of their teeth. Such a wisdom tooth will have fully erupted as well, meaning it's possible to clean it as you would any other tooth. But most patients will undergo wisdom teeth extraction the moment their third molar starts to pose a threat (primarily in the form of discomfort, indicating an infection of the tooth and/or its surrounding gingival tissues). Read More